How to create Facebook application

This tutorial is going to show You how to create Facebook application that provides a functionality that is hosted on some Internet host. In our example we use our sample gallery page that can be found under (We used Gallerific 2.0)

To create Your Facebook Application follow this few simple steps:
1.    Login to Facebook.
2.    Visit
3.    Click “Create New App” button.
4.    Provide “App Display Name” field
This is Your application name.
5.    Provide “App Namespace”
This is  Your application unique identifier. It has to have 7 signs.
6.    If You agree with Facebook Platform Policies check the checkbox and click “Continue”.
You are going to be redirected to the Basic Application Settings Page.
7.    Select Category for Your application.
8.    Click on “App on Facebook section”.
There are other types of applications as well. Those are going to be a subject for other Video Tutorials. App on Facebook means that our application is going to be displayed on Facebook pages.
9.    Provide  “Canvas URL” field
This URL has to point to Your page that provides desired application functionality (After all App is just Your page that can be displayed in the Facebook environment). Be aware that URL has to point to the director (it has to end with ‘/’ sign).
10.    Click “Save Changes”
11.    Under Settings section click “Advanced”
12.    Set a “Canvas Width” parameter to Fluid.
This means that Your application can take whole page width if it needs that.
13.    Click “Save Changes”.
14.    Done! Your application is created. Visit<IDENTIFIER>
 The <IDENTIFIER> is the value that You provided as App Namespace.)

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