Raspberry Pi – small computer big potential

In 2006 few colleagues from University of Cambridge decided to create a computer that will have full functionality and will cost not more than 35 USD. Will this platform revolutionize PC markets? We don’t know but we fully support this idea. So what is Raspberry Pi about?

It has 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S core processor and 256 MB of RAM. Creators of this beauty have prepared Linux distributions based on Debian and Arch Linux that are designed to run on this hardware. Those system images contain a variety of tools and examples on how to code this “beast” :)

What are capabilities the of this little guy? What can you do with it? Let’s say that playing HD videos and synthesizing music is not a problem. There are also some nice games available. Visit raspberrypi.org site for more info.

Raspberry Pi - Diagram © raspberrypi.org

Raspberry Pi – Diagram
© raspberrypi.org

Raspberry Pi - Diagram © raspberrypi.org

Raspberry Pi
© raspberrypi.org

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  1. Philip says:

    Linux make it more easier to run, and develop application. All you need to know is the command and how the kernel works


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