Apache, PHP, MySQL installation on Ubuntu

Today we are going to setup an environment where you will be able to host PHP/MySQL applications. This environment consists of the Apache2 HTTP Server with PHP support and MySQL database. This installation is performed on the Ubuntu Server.


# Install Apache 2 HTTP Server
sudo apt-get install apache2

# Install PHP5
sudo apt-get install php5

# Install latest MySQL Server and client programs as well
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

# Install PHP5 module that allows to connect to MySQL database
sudo apt-get install php5-mysql


During MySQL server and client installation you will be prompted for the root password.

ITCuties - MySQL installation - set root password

ITCuties – MySQL installation – set root password


Apache 2 installation verification

To verify if the apache is installed correctly navigate to http://machine-ip-or-hostname. You should see the “It works!” page.

ITCuties - Apache2 - It works page

ITCuties – Apache2 – It works page

PHP 5, Apache 2 configuration verification

Navigate to /var/www directory. Create a phpinfo.php file with the given contents.


Navigate to this file in the browser – http://machine-ip-or-hostname/phpinfo.php. You should see the following page being displayed

ITCuties - PHP, Apache installation verification

ITCuties – PHP, Apache installation verification

MySQL installation verification

Login to your MySQL database using the password that you have provided during the installation process.

mysql -u root -p

When you log in check whether everything is ok with the installation, enter status command

mysql> status;

You will see the MySQL server status.

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