How to install WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to show You how to quickly and easily install WordPress on Your Windows machine. You should start with downloading following software:

  1. Wampserver –
  2. WordPress –

Now follow those 3 simple steps…

1.      Install Wampserver

  • Start the WampServer installer.
  • On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  • Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  • Select the Destination Location for the software and click Next.
  • Choose whether to create shortcuts click Next.
  • Click Install, and then wait for the Installation process to complete.
  • The system needs to know the location of your default web browser. Select its executable. We’ll accept the default simply by clicking Open.
  • If you need to use PHP to send out e-mail, you will need to configure your SMTP server and e-mail address. We don’t need this and can simply click Next.
  • Done! Click Finish.

The WampServer should start; an icon in the System Tray will indicate that the server is up and running. By clicking on it the icon you will bring up the WampServer services management menu.

2.      Configure MySQL

  • Start the phpMyAdmin console.
  • Go to the Privileges tab and click Add a new User.
  • Provide a User name, the host that this user can establish connections from – since we’re running everything on the same computer – this will be localhost, and create a password.
  • To make things easier, under the Database for user section, select the Create database with same name and grant all privileges option. This should save us some work.
  • Click Create user.

3.      Install WordPress

  • Extract the ZIP file and copy or move the wordpress directory to the WampServer’s Apache WWW directory.
  • This should be immediately visible as http://localhost/wordpress.
  • The first launch of an empty WordPress site should prompt you about a missing configuration file. Click the Create a Configuration File button, then click Let’s go!
  • Provide the connection details to your database: the Database Name, User Name, Password, and Database Host. You can ignore the Table Prefix for now. Click Submit.
  • On the confirmation page, click Run the Install.
  • Enter a title for the site, as well as a Username, Password, and E-mail for the site’s administrator. Click Install WordPress.
  • Done! Choose to Log In.
  • Provide the Username and Password you just created and click Log In.

Here it is – your WordPress site.

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